Top 6 Benefits of Binaural Entrainment Audios

Brainwave entrainment audios are fast becoming popular with people who are looking for a simple and effective solution to stress, anxieties, and other related problems. These unwanted problems greatly reduce the quality of life besides making people prone to bigger health problems. They degrade the immune system and sap energy. However, thanks to binaural brainwave technology now there is a way to relax and regain the lost power with almost no efforts. In addition, the listener of the binaural audios also gains a comprehensive boost to his total health system.

Brainwaves and States of Mind

During most of our waking and working hours beta brainwaves (13 – 30 Hz) occupy our brain. Conflicts, stress, and anxieties push the brainwave frequencies upwards where you find it difficult to think and focus clearly and you are likely to make bad decisions. At higher frequencies, neurons begin to fire wildly and chaotically, leading to a highly disorganized and unfocused state of mind – the two brain hemispheres are thrown out of sync.

We encounter lower frequency alpha, theta or delta brainwaves only when we rest or sleep. However, the quality of rest or sleep that we get is not sufficient to replenish our energies. Hence, we rarely have the opportunity to operate at our best potential. So, we need to slow down the brainwaves in order to energize us.

At lower brainwave frequencies both sides of the brain start to work in sync and communicate better with each other. The brain cells begin to operate harmoniously in a coordinated manner. This automatically gives a sense of calm and you begin to feel in control. Brainwave entrainment technology helps you get into any low frequency brainwave state at will.

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats arise in the brain when two slightly dissimilar sound frequencies are fed to the ears through stereo headphones. The frequency of the induced pulsation is the difference frequency of the input tones. For example, if 300 Hz and 315 Hz are fed through individual ears, a 15 Hz pulsation will be induced inside the brain.

In the presence of these induced beats, the existing brainwaves shift frequency to match the frequency of the induced beat. This process is known as frequency following response or brainwave entrainment. After entrainment has happened, change the induced frequency and the brainwaves would follow it. This is a remarkable feat – now you have the “remote” of the brainwave frequencies in your hand.

Top 6 Benefits of Binaural Entrainment Audios

1. Enhanced relaxation and Well-being

Slower brainwaves of the alpha and theta regions lead to physiological conditions conducive to release of beneficial neuropeptides and hormones associated with stress release, relaxation, enhanced creativity, and several other desirable benefits. Neuropeptides include endorphins, which gives the feeling of natural high and serotonin, which promotes relaxation and relieves pain. Higher endorphin levels also promote memory and learning.

2. Reduced Need for Sleep

Most people report need of reduced sleep after regular listening to theta waves for half an hour. Since stress and tensions are released by the theta waves, you are refreshed by fewer hours of sleep.

3. Strengthens Immune System

Generating theta brainwaves for a few minutes each day gives tremendous benefits – enhanced creativity, boosted immune system, and triggers integrative processes – and leads to feelings of psychological well-being along with better physiological functioning.

4. Facilitates De-addiction 

Brainwave entrainment in the theta range makes people highly receptive to suggestions that can be used to correct compulsive habits, for example, related to alcohol, tobacco, food, etc.

5. Develops Heightened Mental Awareness

With repeated listening to alpha and theta binaural beats and experiencing states of higher consciousness, it becomes easier to infuse them into the normal waking activities. It leads to an awakened mind (a mind with heightened awareness). With this awakened mind, you begin to perceive things from a different angle and with new wholesome meaning.

Your entire body becomes charged with a new energy and vitality. Many people also report a significant increase in the sex drive. You are renewed, more alert, and are highly confident – without the pullbacks of the usual fears and anxieties. This enlightened state of awareness is significantly different from the previous “limited mind” which could only do few things in limited ways. So, you have a “new self” now.

What causes the feeling of high and peak experiences? The neuroscientists say that the euphoria or 'high' you experience is caused by the release of endorphins in the brain, which is far more powerful than morphine.

6. Brain Hemisphere Integration

Studies have shown that people suffering from high stress, anxiety attacks, and insomnia have their left and the right hemisphere functioning out of sync. This is a typical expression of dominance of high frequency beta brainwaves. The mechanism of binaural beat generation in the brain suggests that it can help unify different parts of the brain into a single frequency.

It may be a good idea to download some free entrainment audio samples, and decide later how to go about using this clinically proven technology for a wholesome emotional and mental development.

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