How to Meditate using Brainwave Entrainment Audios

Why Meditate

Successful people are positive thinkers and they have positive state of mind. In contrast, most ordinary people remain grooved in a cycle of negative thinking and beliefs. This, they take as “normal” state of their mind. However, in reality negative thinking and attitudes only reflect a feeble mind – a mind that is not well developed or is fragmented. This is the status of people whose brains are highly lateralized, ie, dominated by either left or the right brain hemisphere.

On the contrary, people with well-developed mind have their brain hemispheres well integrated that operate as an integrated whole unit. This automatically facilitates a balanced and clear thinking. A person with synchronized brain hemispheres is unlikely to fall prey to negative thinking, pessimism, or depression.

Meditation is known to have integrating effect on the brain and its functioning. It is an ancient art practiced practically in every culture throughout the world. Style and techniques may be different, but all lead to inner calm and peace. While it is basically a tool for spiritual development, it is also a proven way to relieve stress, tension and anxieties. Many people find that it sorts out feelings and emotions.

Importance of Low Frequency Brainwaves

During most of our waking and working hours beta brainwaves (13 – 30 Hz) occupy our brain. Conflicts, stress, and worries push the brainwave frequencies upwards. It puts pressure on the harmonious functioning of the two brain hemispheres and throws them out of sync. Such a brain can never allow you to function to your best capacity or experience any meaningful happiness or sense of well being.

We encounter lower frequency alpha, theta or delta brainwaves only when we rest, sleep or meditate. However, the various states of consciousness accessed during meditation fall in the theta frequency range that is highly rejuvenating.

Meditation Facilitates Whole Brain Functioning 

Meditation has been the traditional method of facilitating brain hemispheric integration. Accessing deeper states of consciousness and lowering brainwave frequencies directly correlate with higher levels of whole brain functioning. As meditation progresses, the brainwave patterns progressively move from the general waking state of beta wave to alpha (alert and relaxed state) to Theta (creativity and healing) to finally Delta (formless meditation) state.

However, it is a fact that very few people can devote themselves to meditation. Ordinarily people don’t have time or enough mental discipline to train regularly in meditation. Hence, they miss out the holistic benefits of lower frequency brainwaves of theta or delta states.

How Brainwave Entrainment Audios Help Meditate?

People who meditate know that the biggest problem is the mental distraction – you meditate for few moments and the mind wonders away. When you regain awareness you again begin meditating and yet again the mind goes away. This seesaw battle between you and your mind make the brainwaves fluctuate within a narrow frequency range and does not allow you to go into further depth (still lower brainwave frequencies).

It is here that the role of the entrainment audio becomes clear – it is constantly inducing lower frequency brainwaves in the brain and often pushes it still lower. Hence, you now have active assistance from entrainment beats from the audio – it directly entrains your brain to lower and lower frequencies. And keep taking you into deeper and deeper states of consciousness. Hence, even a novice can meditate.

In fact, the more a person meditates using the recordings the more his or her brain will heal from a state of fragmentation to wholeness. It results in clearer thinking, deeper feelings, and integrated functioning from a higher state frequency consciousness.

By way of warning, however, people who have no experience of brainwave entrainment should not jump into very low frequency audios right away. Following a systematic approach, allowing sufficient time for the brain to adjust and slowly moving from the normal beta state of mind to alpha, the, to theta, then finally to very low frequency delta waves is a good idea. Controlling your impatience and spreading the progress over several weeks is the best way to utilize brainwave technology.

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